Accompagnement à la définition de votre projet


Initiate Production

Accompagnement à la rédaction du cahier des charges

How to initiate an audiovisual or a multimedia production?

The writing of the specifications should be as accurate as possible.
Sometimes complex, this first step, certainly decisive, should answer these questions beforehand:

  • Who is the project aimed at ? > With which media ?
  • "To say" what ? > With which objective ?

The recipients and the objectives are clearly identified and the content of the production is polished with accuracy. We must make choices, be relevant and not forget the necessary pleasure, the delight brought by any successful creation.

Broadcasting is the essential propose of any production, it must be optimised and take several shapes (multimedia, transmedia) improving as a result the return on investment.

Interact & Produce

production de film et création site internet

Production and follow-up

Exchange is essential. Responsible for your project, we ensure the conduct of the execution until the successful completion of production, in compliance with the specifications and budget. From designing, we ask you regularly your agreement to validate each step of the work in progress.
The only acceptable surprise is an unexpected satisfaction.

The budget

Any film or Website production corresponds by definition to a customized realisation whose costs are contingent on the specifications to carry out. We have to determine precisely the characteristics of a multimedia support, the style of the audiovisual production, the levels of interactivity and the contents of the Website.

A reflexion work is necessary from the beginning in close collaboration with the client.