AKTIS, notre identité

our identity

Identity Creation

création sur mesure toulouse

Arising from the light and its vibrations, Aktis aims to design and carry out, making use of pictures and sounds, finding the words, the meaning, the link, the code, the note or the movement that extend them and adjust them to the maximum resonance.

With Aktis, creation is a frame of mind, whether capturing a truth moment or flirting with the magic of the pictures and its secret alchemy, whether aptly programming or composing.

We are not born to the latest fashion, we do not dress our creations in "ready-to-throw": during the show of the 0s and 1s, a mark must remain.

Because each project is unique, we custom our response in your image by proposing an original and sustainable creation that is tailor-made for you.

Technological Intelligence

nouvelles technologies internet

The new multimedia technologies came to us by the royal road: the Image!
"Aktis" stands for ray of light, as ready to burn to DVD or to network your communication on the Web, images and messages.

Far from the standardisation destroying identity, you will find in us the spirit of craftsmen associated with new technologies, kinds of "e.magicians" of modern times willing to express your originality.

Technological Intelligence guides us to stay on the wave: we surf on media that enable the exchanges. Ideas come over the words and sketches for a relevant and current completion.

Identity card

Company AKTIS

created in April, 1986

in Toulouse

where the river Garonne flows

studios toulouse AKTIS


in Midi-Pyrénées, the large region in the South of France


CNC producer
French National Centre of Cinematography: short films & feature films

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