Conseil en communication Toulouse


Project Study

With its skills and experiences obtained over the achievements, Aktis provides a primary mission of Council of Audiovisual Communication and via the Internet.

Our primary role consists in the thought on the specifications in terms of content, objectives and strategy, in order that the audiovisual and interactive design, graphic and sound design, lead to an execution as attractive and effective.

  • Study and recommendations on communication objectives
  • Assistance in developing the specifications
  • Relevance, coherence and coordination of media
  • General design of communications media
  • External and internal communication – Web-marketing - Training
  • Visual and sound identity - Graphic Design – UI/UX webdesign
  • Graphics standards, declensions of the digital supports - CAP
  • Video and Web tools for sales and training
  • Design – Execution - Development - Production

Appropriate Response

We provide an operational comprehensive response to the need to communicate and exchange through the contemporary digital ways.

Hailed as an innovative company at its inception, Aktis maintains a technology watch for integrating new media communications and use their synergy. And advising is important for that: how to communicate with new tools remaining at the forefront of progress?

In more than twenty five years of productions focusing on media complementarity and constituting real communication issues, Aktis has honored the trust of many clients.

Our ability to develop these communication media for an order, based on precise specifications, is also completed by a lot of ideas for producing TV documentaries for the general public.

Conseil en communication Toulouse