production de film à Toulouse


Film & Video

producteur de film et reportage à Toulouse

Various and complicated projects are lead in a very attractive way thanks to audiovisual methods which bring together a lot of possibilities and end products: film with a screenplay, short and dynamic video clip, interview for web, simple reporting or more substantial documentary film.

From the commercial to the training video DVD divided into chapters, Aktis makes the most of this richness in its services to produce contents in very varied styles:

  • Production and direction of films, design, scenario, webdoc
  • Design, scenario, writing, storyboard
  • Corporate and Institution films, advertisement, reporting
  • HD video, 4K, 6K, Color grading, DCP, Web-TV, Streaming
  • Authoring video DVD, interface, menu, multilingualism, subtitling
  • Events, multi-camera production control, steadycam
  • Shots from an helicopter, drone or in water shots, time-lapse
  • Photo, reports, studio of inlays, 360°, services special event
  • Recordings voice studio / cabin, sound recordings, voice-over, dubbing
  • Compositing, 2D 3D animations, design motion, videoscribing, stop motion
  • Sound design, original soundtrack, sound effects, mixing
  • Creation and control of bank images (videos and photographs)
  • Video signed in French Sign language (hearing disability)
  • Interviews, Audiobook, Audio-description (visual disability)