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Projects bringing together partners from other fields can be produced on our initiative (e.g. professional training by AKTIS Digital).

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documentary / society, agriculture, environment / 90 minutes / Jean SAMOUILLAN
In the Ariège Pyrenees, the García people have been living from their goat breeding since the community movement of the 1970s. Today, they have transformed a vast area of wasteland into an ecosystem that supports them and their animals. With a wealth of experience, they receive young people wishing to practice this type of farming. These young people are becoming independent and are returning to the tradition of summering, but their vision of pastoralism leads them into conflict with a nitpicking and prescriptive administration. They struggle and adapt without losing their life project, which is far removed from the agro-industry.

fiction / feature film / 100 minutes / co-prod. SC Gheorghita / Cornel GHEORGHITA
A French television crew set up in the hostel of a small village in Romania to film a documentary trilogy on the survival of traditions during baptisms, weddings and funerals. If the shooting of the first subjects goes without too much difficulty, it is different for the last one: nobody decides to die. The team then chooses to stage a funeral, involving in its macabre game some very superstitious villagers.

documentary / animal - agriculture / 50 minutes / Roger LEGUEN - Sylvain LUINI
An island as big as Switzerland... in Brazil, just below the equator, where the Amazon meets the ocean, winds and rains. The combination of these elements concentrates a multitude of life forms.
The rainy season is coming to an end and the fazenda Santa-Maria, even more than in previous years, is home to thousands of birds.
The red ibis, elsewhere hunted for their bright feathers, rub shoulders here with pink spoonbills, coconut herons, tantalum storks, snowy egrets, large or blue, grey or purplish night-herons...
Alongside the life of this sanctuary, the life of the men of the fazenda flows peacefully, punctuated by the work with the buffaloes, fishing in the tidal cycle, hunting and the so "traditional" gathering of the acai berries.


documentary / mountain - agriculture / 26 minutes / Gilles RIVIERE
An intimate portrait as much as an in-depth report that allows us to discover a profession from the inside. In the end, this profession is quite unknown, if only because of the bucolic image that precedes it.
If the images of mountains pay tribute to these majestic spaces, authenticity prevails, testifying to the wise humility that animates the host of the place. The relationship of our shepherd to the sublime but potentially hostile environment, to solitude as well as to the sheep he tends and cares for, is rendered with an accuracy that has earned this film the unanimous recognition of its peers. The questions dealt with, simple and immediate, are those that assail us when we think of the life, the daily life of the shepherd in the mountains, with his flock and his dog as his companions. Our shepherd answers them with a luminous and moving simplicity.
(Grand Prize unanimously awarded by the jury at the Film Festival "Pastoralism and Great Spaces")

documentary / company / 27 and 52 minutes / Alain MIQUEL - Françis BELOT
The implementation of a drug addiction and delinquency prevention project is an opportunity to follow and hear young people from the suburbs of Toulouse. A group forms a crew to embark on a barge, forgetting for eight days, the daily grind... on the Canal du Midi. Away from the stairwells of the Mirail, in this enclosed area along the water, in the evening, are the fuses going to blow? Later, under the same light, we listened to our budding bargemen, their educator of the moment, then we asked Magyd - from the Toulouse Zebda's - to comment on this universe "without arrangement" where everyone, to get by, must find the rules of the "I".
Another guest speaker was Claude Olievenstein - author of the famous best-seller "Il n'y a pas de drogués heureux" (There are no happy drug addicts). Informed about the project, he shares his experience with us by way of conclusion.

documentary / music / 52 minutes 16/9 stereo / Michel DIEUZAIDE
Alternating between the rehearsal work of the contemporary vocal ensemble "Musicatreize" in their Marseilles venue and the recording of various concerts, this film brings to the attention of the public the indispensable
commitment of the musicians and the conductor to make possible the reception of contemporary music.

documentary / history - society / 52 minutes / Michel DIEUZAIDE
This film recounts the adventure of men and women, Spanish republicans who, having left their homes in 1938 during the retreat and hoping to return quickly, remained in France, in the border department of the
Hautes-Pyrénées. (with the support of the Conseil Général des Hautes-Pyrénées)

documentary / contemporary art / 52 minutes / Michel DIEUZAIDE
The viewer is led to the slow and progressive discovery of this exhibition collection restoring the Daniel Cordier donation. Exhibited at the Musée des Abattoirs, it expresses a true look at creation, a real passion for painting. The route designed by Alain Mousseigne, the museum's director, resonates with works and artistic approaches that were a priori unlikely to be mixed, as if to better reveal their capacity to live and question the World, even beyond the time they were created.

reportage / contemporary art / 15 minutes / Michel DIEUZAIDE
DVD bonus: presentation, with commentary by Daniel Cordier, of the second exhibition at the Musée des Abattoirs of everyday objects from around the world, elevated, by the patina of time, to the rank of works of art. The opportunity for a very free discourse on art and the pleasure that can or should accompany it.

documentary / mountain - arts / 26 minutes / François MOMMEJA
The Cirque de Gavarnie in the Central Pyrenees, a regional "Grand Site" now classified by UNESCO, attracts a large number of visitors, from the simply curious visitor to the experienced mountain lover.
The site of Gavarnie exerts its fascination on this heterogeneous crowd... But how many people know that, in its history, the circus has enchanted poets, painters, writers, geographers and adventurers with its magic? We propose you to discover an exceptional site in the footsteps of these artists.
"And from one sea to the other, it steers a continent... A circus, a hippodrome where Istambul, Tyre, Memphis, London, Rome, with their millions of men, could sit, where Paris would float: Gavarnie, a miracle, a dream,
the world that is not man and is no longer the thing."
Victor HUGO

documentary / literature / 52 minutes / co-production Key Light / Bruno AGUILA
Renaud Camus is an unclassifiable and controversial writer. In his novels, essays, elegies and diaries, he always keeps a tireless concern for style as the highest expression of man. This film is a portrait of this author, at one point in his work, illustrated by one of his last books "Seven minor sites for back-season walks in Lomagne".
We join the writer in his literary walk, ask him to stop for a moment on the small overhang of this last work, and talk about the road he has travelled.
"Les chemins de la solitude" gives the solitary figure of Renaud Camus the opportunity to give a counterpoint to the beautiful fabric of his writing.

fiction / short film / 35 minutes / co-prod.Tandem Films / Laurent BARRES
We are at the end of 1918, in the Pyrenees. It's a feast among the Lapeyre family because they kill the pig. Family and friends are there for two days. Only Pierre, the son, stays cloistered in his room. Behind the half-closed shutters, he observes the events. Despite his mother's prayers, he refuses to go out. Disfigured by a war wound, he does not dare to face the gaze of others. So since his return to the front, no one has seen him in the village, except his parents. However, on the day of the banquet that closes the pig festival, Pierre appears before all the guests, strapped in his uniform .

fiction / short film / 15 minutes / Cathy DAMBEL
CARAMEL promises the poster; that's the title of the film. A young woman participates in an advertising campaign. She becomes the face that lives on the walls: multiplied, magnified. This public image obsesses her companion and disturbs their love relationship.

fiction / short film / 6 minutes / Christine PAULY
Genesis of a pictorial creation.
In the discovery of this painting by Michèle TEYSSEYRE, the "reading" of each element of her composition reveals the origins of the inspiration and thus of the artist's creation.