conception court métrage toulouse

design & distribution

Imagine & Design

tournage reportage et court métrage toulouse

All good waves are good to take, starting with light… Aktis’ name derives from it!

We work with the light of the spotlights and the light of the Midi (or elsewhere) to write narrative and interactive storylines using all audiovisual and multimedia forms, in front of sparkling monitor systems and other shining screens.

The first thing to do is to imagine, to shape, to throw marks on a blank page.

Because we compose these visual scores through those various styles, we can advise you to create the communication that you need and to coordinate the different media.

Web Video

diffusion de la video sur le web

Computer screens and mobile terminals offer to the video spaces to be invested and to liven up. Archetypal attractive media, the video gives life, completes and enriches the contents of web sites as she alone can make it.

The Internet users find this unique pleasure, the dynamics and the emotion of the video, in the reports, the clips animations of your channel.

Complement essential to your communication, all movies proposes a mode of direct and original discovery very estimated by the Internet users.

A thematic channel, a vlog or an attractive Web fiction offer every episode as an expected meeting.

Whether it be reports, presentations or an original fiction, the subjects handled in video will be relieved on the social networks in search of contents.