publication de contenus sur le web

execution & publication

Technical Achievement

conception site internet TYPO3

Concerning Web architecture and electronic messaging, Aktis proposes Open Source technologies widely approved by every man jack (Apache on FreeBSD, PHP MySQL, TYPO3, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento CMS...).

Produced by an efficient and creative international community, these non-proprietary solutions represent the structure of the essence of Internet in the world.

The computing power of content management, step invisible to the Internet user, orners with the visual register made up of design, photographs, animations and other multimedia and video creations. Before the publication on Internet, a last step reinforces the achievement as agreed in the specifications.

Concerning multimedia, in addition to the computer graphics studios and development studios, Aktis has its own efficient Internet servers. They are maintained by an -almost- unique authorised by State professional host. Savoir-faire and openness first and foremost: to each one its jobs to give you at the best price the best professional service.

Referencing & Life of the Site

référencement site internet

Your site does exist! Because a web site is only useful if it is seen by search engines used by your potential customers, we have designed and created it in order to get an optimized referencing as it is online.

The site founding and structure is deciding, but the issue of referencing is so important that additional benefits give to web sites the essential Internet visibility. Note the importance of the video in the attractiveness and thus in the referencing of the site.

It is time to train your employees in charge to make it live through the administration interface. An individualised courseware can help the different administrators to update the Website. With the publication, the heart of the matter begins. We must draw visitors and earn their loyalty. It is imperative to take care over the content updating, to follow the visitor number and to see to the maintenance of the site.

We stay at your side to support the development, to assit you if you have a problem and to bring about progress your site to new fonctionalities. Be aware that we have mirrored servers (RAID1) and we save our work on other severs every week.