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mobiles & sharing

Mobile Terminals

Smartphones have hit the market, providing Internet access to new generations of phones that have become mobile tools, with touch pads, that are both functional and fun popular with Internet users.

A website developed for desktop computers is not adapted to these mobile terminals. Design, ergonomics, technology and choice of contents should fulfil the characteristics of these devices and their use.

Inevitable version of your website, the mobile website is a version taking into account the assets and constraints of the mobile environment to meet the requests of more and more numerous and demanding mobile users.

Access to the mobile site and its management are clear: the website identifies the device used by the Internet user -computer or mobile- and proposes the appropriate version, in Responsive Design or Web-App. In the same manner, any update on your website is immediately passed on to the mobile version.

The significant advantage over proprietary applications is the compatibility of the webapp that extends to all mobile terminals on the market. This mobile version also offers great flexibility and an excellent referencing.

The Social Media

Following-up news with RSS feeds, participating in the dissemination and sharing of information, exchanging online in real time via social network sites are the sign of the arrival of Web 2.0.

This massive Internet users’ speaking out goes on with technological developments that tend to organize in a long-standing way exchanges on the web of tomorrow.