création site web toulouse

website creation

Studies & Solutions

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The reflexion prior to the creation of a Website is about the specifications clearly defined by the customer: the role, the purposes and the applications expected for the site, the nature of the content and the forms of media that will be published.

Analysis, exchange

We make a precise and detailed list of the content of the Website. Then we determine the tree structure and we propose the best technical solutions to reach the aims.

Finally, we draw up the schedule and the road map that commit us in time.

Design & Creation

conception de site web toulouse

Design and creation give shape to the solution that has been chosen and validated in the specifications.

It is the visible tip of the realisation of a Website or of an interactive application. The Internet user will appreciate an attractive design and a functional use of the Website.

After having confirmed the interactive and visual style guidelines, we start developping the structure of the Website and its functional modules. Then, we insert the media: texts, graphics, animations, photographs, videos, and so on. Finally, we manage the databases.

Before the publication on Internet, at each step of the development, you can watch and evaluate the construction of the interface of the Website and its functional use.