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the Aktis Studios

Audiovisual post-production studios : for 2K / 4K video editing, voiceover recording, 5.0 audio editing and pre-mixing, 5.1 auditorium mixing, 4K / 8K calibration, studio video embedding acoustic, post-synchronization, sound effects, dubbing ...

If the evolution of digital video makes it possible to meet the requirements of the cinema on film sets, the post-production environment that includes the decisive finishes can only follow this trend for the entire audiovisual production chain.

This digital revolution and the greater autonomy which accompanies it for the best professional performances motivated the optimization of our studios.

Under the guidance of an acoustician, sound studios were soundproofed and treated acoustically, up to the video inlay tray that also allows the recording of sound effects and dubbing.

In the end, an efficient and consistent image and sound post-production environment, optimum size and prices, opened to production companies:

  • 2 4K / HD editing rooms - including 1 large with 55" OLED display
  • 1 acoustic audio studio editing / pre-mix 5.0, ProTools, coupled with recording booth
  • 1 auditorium 5.1 mixing studio, ProTools 2018, 65" OLED display
  • 1 acoustic studio of video inlay, dubbing and sound effects, large video projection screen of 3,30m base (end of sept 2018)
  • 1 room of calibration DaVinci, 4K / 8K (end of sept 2018)
  • 1 co-working space

Studios optimization with the financial assistance of the Occitanie region

(updated photos imminent ...)

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